Gear Up With Equipboard

Have you ever wondered what equipment your favorite artists are using? Equipboard claims to have the answers to your questions; presenting many artists and bands, and their equipment. Is it the go-to site for gear geeks?

How To Build A Home-Based Music Studio

Even in a relatively small home, it is possible to build your own music studio. Without missing out on any of the essentials.

Rob Scallon’s ‘Sprint’ Guitar Lesson, Sponsored By Dotted Music

If you have been reading Dotted Music for a while you already know that video or text lessons, teaching how to play a music instrument, is not the kind of material we usually post on the blog. This one will be an exception.

Sponsor Me: The Pairing Of Band And Brand. Part One

An oft-applied method of relieving some financial hardship in this industry is to acquire an endorsement deal. In a nutshell, you get easier access to your favorite products and services in exchange for some form of advertising to the supplier.

How To Practice Guitar Exercises Effectively

Most musicians do not have a shortage of “things to practice” on guitar. The problem that I see many guitar players run into is not knowing how to organize all of their guitar exercises into an effective guitar practice schedule that moves them towards becoming better musicians.

Albert Lee: ‘Don’t Expect To Make A Fortune In Music Business’

During his tour of Australia, Joe Matera caught up with Albert Lee for an interview to discuss his solo career and to see if there is some money for musicians in the music business.