3 Core Music Promotion Tactics During Quarantine

Promoting your band in the middle of a worldwide quarantine seems really hard – but there are ways forward, more than you might think. As I look around in my role as a music marketer I have seen some strange successes. People are starting to put stuff together, especially in Scandinavia.

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

You hit 2000 views…and it stays that way…for a long, long time. But the video was SO GOOD! Bummer. When you don’t have a budget for marketing, your product needs to speak for itself. It’s the least you can do!

Brand Your Band With Style

Fashion may sound like a superficial element to focus on while making a name for your group, but the clothes you wear can actually have a profound effect in the music business and help determine your future success.

Surprise Your Fans Sometimes: Don’t Give Everything Away All The Time

Loren Weisman recently found himself performing with Mike McCready from Pearl Jam and Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses, as well as Velvet Revolver. Here he tells you the moral of the story.

Webdoc Now Integrates With SoundCloud, Songkick And Topspin

First revealed at Midem 2012, the trio of new services provide a significant boost to Webdoc’s audio and music offering; providing fans and pro users with a range of new opportunities for self expression, sharing and community engagement.

Expanding The Reach Of Shadow On Star’s Music Video And Leveraging Resources Through Collaborations

A musician’s marketing strategy typically limits itself to the music community because, well, it’s seems to be the no-brainer plan of action.