Sponsor Me: The Pairing Of Band And Brand. Part One

An oft-applied method of relieving some financial hardship in this industry is to acquire an endorsement deal. In a nutshell, you get easier access to your favorite products and services in exchange for some form of advertising to the supplier.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Sixteen: Interest Through Release

The most difficult job for any budding musician, developing band or heavyweight contender is simply to keep people interested.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Fourteen: The Self Against The Professional

Being the concummate professional, while doing wonders for your professional career, can be a little bland. First off, let’s take a look at the meaning of the world.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Nine: Not Forgetting The Individual

Success does not automatically decide to come. Once you ‘make it’, it’s important to recall the people that got you there through their own work.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Eight: Pros And Cons Of The Dirty Image

There are a lot of people guilty of it, ranging from film stars to factory workers, but it’s a proven fact that showing off a bit of the bad boy style can work to marvellous effect.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Six: Getting The Name Out There

Self-advertising is present in almost everything that we do. When you’re putting up posters and handing out fliers, you’re advertising your upcoming gig as a dramatic and exciting experience.