Fire Your Slacker Band!

If you’ve spent one too many band practices in a smelly basement wondering where the singer is (turns out it might be jail – true story!), and you’re at the end of your rope, fear not! Step right up, and read why it’s a super duper great time to be a solo artist.

Using Innovation For Setting Yourself Apart From Other Artists

The biggest thing that you, as an independent artist or musician, can do to for your own career is to find a way to set yourself apart from the pack.

Buckcherry: More Music Business Lessons From Kiss

By one little and nice coincidence, today I’ve got a follow-up article to last week’s interview with Micki Free, who spoke about the influence of Kiss’ Gene Simmons.

Emo – A Real Genre?

I’m not one for criticizing other people’s musical tastes/genres, but I seriously don’t think there’s a genre of music called “emo”. For the past few years now, there’s been this uproar evolution of punk music, known only as “emo”, which is stupid when you think about it.

Slash Arcade Rocker: The Real Rhythm Game Deal

Here goes some real Arcade rock n’ roll. This week, Ultimate Guitar’s Mobile Development Division released Slash’s Arcade Rocker, a groundbreaking music/rhythm mobile app game featuring songs of the legendary guitar icon.

Talking On The Blogging Side Of Music

Last week I was interviewed by MicControl’s Jonathan Ostrow for his “Blogging Side Of Music” interview series, we spoke about the strategies for establishing direction and engagement within a music blog and blogging in general.