Be Visible From Space: How To Start Boosting Your Image

I learned a lesson last year when I was playing my first stadium gig. Visibility, be it literally, such as highway safety colored guitars, or from a multitude of positive interactions with people, is something worth boosting.

PiL’s Lu Edmonds Talks Music Business

Guitarist of John Lydon’s experimental act reveals what have been the most important lessons he have learned from being in the music business.

Sevendust Guitarist On Music Marketing: ‘Plant The Seed And It’s Going To Grow’

In a soon to be published UG interview with Sevendust, guitarist Clint Lowery talks about surviving in the music business of our days (among other interesting topics, of course).

Four Year Strong Tell Fans To ‘Go FYS Yourself’ With A Photo Game

Four Year Strong have launched, an interactive picture website application that allows users to customize uploaded/webcam photos with 100+ unique details.

Slash And Ultimate Guitar Partner Up

Guitar enthusiast media company is officially co-developing and co-managing famed guitarist’s new website and online initiatives. A co-branded mobile app is on the way!

Three New Movies For Inspiring Your Musical Career

72 Musicians, Don’t Quit Your Daydream, and The Runaways. These are three new movies that I have discovered this week and that I take the liberty of describing as “inspiring” even before watching them.