Your Fans Are Your Life-Blood, But…

Catering to your fans, and making yourself their best friend can boost your career like nothing else in the industry. But if you don’t know your fans, you will never grow that audience, you will not build that reputation, and you will not sell merchandise.

Jared Leto: ‘We’re Taking Full Advantage Of The Digital Age Here’

30 Seconds To Mars’ legendary frontman Jared Leto just talked to Ultimate Guitar’s Steven Rosen about the band’s third album This Is War, and some music marketing topics I really loved to see covered in this interview.

The Effects Of The Internet: Contract Giveaways

We’ve all seen your modern reality TV show: Pop Idol, X Factor, etc. etc. A collection of wannabe musicians gather together for the chance to become a star. Honestly, who wouldn’t take the chance if it was offered to them?

Whitechapel Guitarist Talks The Importance Of Touring, Straight-Edge Lifestyle

Prior to returning to the studio in January, the band’s guitarist Alex Wade discussed the forthcoming album, touring and living a straight-edge life.

Kill Brand Clothing: When Fashion And Music Unite

Becoming increasingly near to reaching its tenth year of existence, the label launched yet another new clothing line in 2009’s closing months, uniting with All Time Low’s Zack Merrick.

Music And Money

Music is a business, which means that ultimately, no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t be, it all comes down to the money. Yes, it may bastardize pure art, but that hasn’t stopped record companies before and it won’t in the future. You’ve got to be proactive about what you want to do with your band if you want to avoid being taken advantage of in the future.