The 5 Musts of Owning Your Music Career

After over a decade working in music as a musician, mentor, writer, and everything in between, I am proud to share the knowledge that I wish someone had told me when I first started out.

Reimut Van Bonn

The Challenges Of An Indie Musician #SAtN

We talked to Reimut Van Bonn, an indie musician and, at the time of the interview, a representative of VUT (German Association Of Independent Music Companies) about the issues artists face nowadays.

MxPx On Music Business: ‘Everything Is DIY Today’

Punk legends MxPx have been in the music industry for long enough to know how much the show biz world changed during the past several years. And if a band, used to be signed on a major label, went DIY to get maximum of its success, isn’t it the right time to rethink your own goals once again?

Fire Your Slacker Band! Part II: Get Your Act Together

Last week I yelled and ranted in a typical Josh style about some of the lousy times I’ve spent in bands – and why I decided to embark on the path of a solo musician and one-man band. The first installment of this series was the introduction, and the road map. Now we’ll start getting into details.

Fire Your Slacker Band!

If you’ve spent one too many band practices in a smelly basement wondering where the singer is (turns out it might be jail – true story!), and you’re at the end of your rope, fear not! Step right up, and read why it’s a super duper great time to be a solo artist.

Make More Money With CD Sales

If you’re like most musicians, you want to make money selling your music, and while digital music delivery (like iTunes) continues to grow rapidly, selling your music on CDs is still the easiest and most profitable choice for most musicians.