One Spark, The World’s First Crowdfunding Festival, Comes To Berlin #SAtN

Our interview with One Spark, “The World’s Crowdfunding Festival,” a global platform to connect artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries with the resources they need to get projects off the ground.

How To Reach More Fans With Shazam #SAtN

In this special SAtN episode from Berlin Music Week’s WORD! conference, Jonathan Davies from Shazam explains how the world’s most popular music recognition service works, how its database is being updated and how it helps musicians sell more music.

Reimut Van Bonn

The Challenges Of An Indie Musician #SAtN

We talked to Reimut Van Bonn, an indie musician and, at the time of the interview, a representative of VUT (German Association Of Independent Music Companies) about the issues artists face nowadays.

Bobby Owsinski On What’s Getting Us Closer To ‘Music 4.0’ [Dotted Music Talks #01]

Andrew Apanov’s interview with Bobby Owsinski, a music industry veteran and the author of “Music 3.0” and 16 other books on audio recording and mixing, as well as the music business.

Musicians Are Less Producers Of Music Than Producers Of Culture #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise video interview, Stewart Walker talks on why musicians are more creators of culture than music nowadays and shows us what a pain a distributor who went bankrupt can bring to a label owner.