London Top Music Venues

London’s Top 5 Music Venues

London is packed full of music venues of all shapes, sizes and styles. From mega halls to intimate rooms, the capital really does have it all. Here are five of the city’s very best music performance spaces.

UK Music Festival Finder

To help those traveling to the UK decide which music festival they should check out, here’s an interactive guide that features the most popular events for all the different genres.

Mumford & Sons

Top 5 Interesting Bands Of 2013

In the past several decades music lovers have been searching for that one unique band that speaks to them. They look for the band that can reach out to them through lyrics and music and grab hold to their imaginations and emotions. In 2013 there are five bands that are stepping up to that challenge.

List Of 7 Interesting Music Streaming Apps

An increasing number of music streaming apps for iPhone and other devices is giving music lovers the freedom to hear and collect their favorite songs. Here is a list of music streaming apps that you may want to use, if you are not using them already!

Why Album Ratings Need To Die

“Don’t forget to rate [insert album/movie] at the bottom of your article.” It’s one command, by an editor I worked for, that irked me with no avail. It’s funny how everything in this world can be boiled down to the traditional academic system that emblazons a permanent number on your head.

10 Business Principles For Indie Artists

Successful businesses run based on sound, proven business practices. So should your music career. Here are some of the basic tenets that every wise business owner knows and adheres to.