MGT114: Finding Or Becoming An Artist Manager – Jamie New Johnson (SmartistU)

Jamie New Johnson from SmartistU explains what artist managers do, lists the skills good managers must have these days, outlines a typical management deal structure, and gives tips for managers on finding great talent, as well as for artists on finding great managers.

Marketing Methods By Tom Colohue. Part Fifteen: Managers And Agents

On the surface, a manager or an agent is a wonderful thing. However, this same basic rule applies with a manager or agent: They are not your friend, they are your business associate.

Music Business Videos: Different Sides Of Management

When you seek for music business education, you shouldn’t expect an enormously huge variety of videos that will teach you how to build your music career, but Dotted Music is here to help finding the most useful stuff from across the web.

Does Your Band Need A Manager?

Many bands simply will not function without a manager. The creative aspect of being in a band can be divisive enough, without throwing in managerial responsibilities as well. However, many bands turn to professional management too early.