Bill Knowlton Of ‘It’s About Real Music With Real Instruments’

Bill Knowlton of the We Love Metal blog talks to Dotted Music’s Alex Gilbert about the future of print media, digital marketing, music journalism, places to party out in Canada, and – of course – metal!

The Rods: ‘Today Bands Can Be Heard Without Having To Rely On Record Deal’

Below you will read an excerpt from an interview with the band you might or might not heard of before – much depends on your age and musical tastes.

Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian On How To Not Get F–ked In The Music Biz

There have been a lot of buzz lately about the Big Four tour, featuring the forefathers of thrash metal – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax (and you can guess why).

Slayer Rocks Pinball On iPhone

“A branded Slayer pinball, really?” This was my initial reaction on the news about a new iPhone / iPad game from the heavy metal titans. A smile of satisfaction on my face has been replacing a sceptical mime while I was watching the game trailer.

Hail The Villain Show How A True Interactive Website Has To Look Like

The Canadian rock/metal band Hail The Villain have unleashed what they called “the most creative and technologically advanced website ever built for a band.”

As I Lay Dying: It Is About Doing More On Tours

In an interview posted on Ultimate Guitar minutes ago, a guitarist of the legendary metal band As I Lay Dying, Nick Hipa, made a simple, but so right comment about performing live and touring nowadays.