MGT96: The Price Of Success In Music Licensing – Mike Goudreau

Mike Goudreau shares what he’s learnt after 10 years of licensing his music for hundreds of TV shows and feature films. From the types of deals to go after, to creating a catalogue that doesn’t get old.

MGT93: Loudr, Revolutionizing The World Of Mechanical Licensing – Chris Crawford

Loudr’s CEO Chris Crawford explains how his company helps artists, digital distributors, and music services identify rights holders, secure mechanical licenses, and pay royalties to music publishers.

Highs And Lows Of The Music Industry

Understanding The Highs And Lows Of The Music Industry

Singer-songwriter and dancer, Junior Wright, shares some of his insights on the struggles and perseverance required in the music industry.

JTV Digital Founder Talks Music Distribution Trends #Podcast

MGT22: Music Distribution Advice – Jeremie Varengo (JTV Digital)

Jeremie Varengo is a founder of JTV Digital, a music distribution company. We talked about the latest news in the distribution world, new platforms, monetising YouTube videos and more.

7 Tips For Buying Health Insurance As A Musician

Is health insurance something you really want to go without? To help you out, I’ve worked with some health insurance experts to put together a list of tips specifically designed for independent musicians.

Five Niches In The Music Industry, And The Companies That Make The Most Of Them

We often make the mistake of talking about the music industry as if it were a single, monolithic thing. It most certainly is not.