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Hip-Hop: Marketability Like No Other

Years of trends, crazes and interaction between hip-hop and fashion industries has cemented hip-hop fashion as a legitimate branch of the clothing industry.

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6 Ways To 6 Figures

My name is Greg and I earned over $100,000 my first year with a music degree. Not a bad starting salary considering what the average humanities graduate earns.

Untapped Potential: Alternative Income Streams For Musicians

Making a living from art, it’s what every musician wants. A difficult task, that often takes a long time. Becoming successful in the music industry is a marathon, not a sprint.


Business And Pleasure – Who Will Win?

Artists are mostly dreamers who work with business men and women who are realists. What can one expect from a marriage between a dreamer and a realist? Business or pleasure?

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Music-Related Multi-Channel Networks: The Guide

Whether you’ve never heard of an MCN or whether you’ve been with one since last year for heavens’ sake, we thought you’d appreciate a quick roundup of the music-related MCNs currently in operation.


How To Use Twitter, AirBnB, And Instagram’s Marketing Techniques To Promote Your Music

Each of these companies started without massive marketing budgets but managed to get unprecedented numbers of users through smart marketing. What’s their secret?