MGT153: The Original Songs Marketplace – Jonathan Stone (Rocket Songs)

Jonathan Stone is a music-publishing executive and co-founder of Rocket Songs. On this Music Growth Talks episode he explains how the platform works for music artists who are looking for original songs to record, and for songwriters who want to “sell” their songs to others.

MGT145: Making It as a Sync Licensing Artist – Nat Jay

The Canadian singer-songwriter talks about how signing with a one-stop licensing company has lessened the burden of doing everything all by herself and shares multiple insights on the sync licensing world, applicable to both established and emerging artists.

MGT130: How To Register Your .MUSIC Domain Name – Constantine Roussos (DotMusic)

.MUSIC is now a community-based top-level domain that is supported by thousands of music organizations worldwide, representing over 95% of global music (probably including yours).

MGT123: How To Clear Your Mixtape, Remix, Or DJ Mix – Stephen White (Dubset)

Dubset is a tech-meets-rights-management platform that can clear everything from mixtapes to remixes and turn them into revenue for artists and writers. Listen on to see what it means to you.

MGT122: How To Collect Your Publishing Royalties – Mandy Aubry (Songtrust)

Mandy Aubry shows how to collect publishing royalties with the help of Songtrust, a unique and flexible publishing administration platform, and explains numerous aspects of the confusing world of music publishing.

MGT109: The Things You Wish You Knew Before Joining The Music Industry – Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell

Elroy “Spoonface” Powell, a British actor, voice artist, music publisher and social entrepreneur, shares his rich experience to offer fellow artists support with a focus on balance and wellness.