Radio Airplay

Discover The Keys To Radio Airplay For DIY Musicians

Getting radio airplay isn’t a dice roll. It’s not a matter of doing multi-million dollar promotion campaigns, especially not in public or indie radio (where your attention should be if you’re a DIY artist).

Radical.FM Launches Streaming Radio iOS App

Radical.FM has announced the U.S. launch of its new music streaming service including features like ‘Custom Genres’ and ‘Unblock’, and what they call “the most comprehensive library in the industry.”

How To Place Your Music On AUPEO! Personal Radio #SAtN

The second part of the interview with Steffen Holly, covering the sophisticated algorithms behind the AUPEO! Personal Radio, and how to actually place your music on the AUPEO! Personal Radio.

Has Traditional Radio Lost Its Influence? #SAtN

And if radio has indeed lost influence, what is replacing it then? Join the conversation after watching the new Stand Above The Noise episode: an interview with Steffen Holly, a CTO of AUPEO! at the time of this conversation in Berlin.

History of MTV

History Of MTV: How Video Killed The Radio Star

The first song played on MTV turned out to be more than just a novelty. It was basically a prophecy of how MTV would come to change the way we enjoy music. Follow the history of MTV from The Buggles to breaking network records.