MGT95: Kickstarting Music Gateway 2.0 – Jon Skinner

Jon Skinner, the founder and CEO of Music Gateway, is back to the Music Growth Talks podcast to talk about their just launched Kickstarter campaign aimed to fuel the October release of Music Gateway 2.0.

SynchTank: Streamlining The Sync Pitching Process #SAtN

An interview with Josh Allegro from SynchTank, a music management platform for the licensing industry: its specifics, who it is built for, working with the likes of Disney, and the importance of keeping music meta data in order.

Mary Ramos: How To Get Attention Of Music Supervisors #SAtN

An insightful interview with Mary Ramos, a music supervisor for Quentin Tarantino movies, recorded at Sync Summit Paris 2014.

History of MTV

How To Write Songs For Sync Licensing

Sync licensing is one of the best ways for musicians to earn additional income. Not only do you get paid for your work, but sync licensing is also an opportunity to open up your music to new fans.