How To Expand Your Twitter Audience: Tips For Musicians

Twitter outlines the importance of leveraging their marketing tool efficiently while providing pointers for entrepreneurial musicians and bands.

Social Networks Of Choice For Top Billboard Artists: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry

While musicians from Billboard Top 10 have a presence of some kind of every major network, each has chosen just one or two to focus most of their attention on when promoting something new.

Your Music Marketing: Speedy And Aware?

Sometimes speed and playing too busy can become a crutch in many ways. To really have the ability and knowledge of how you are tracking your progress and your ability, sometimes you have to lay on the brakes.

Twitter DJ App Tweets The Songs You Play

Richie Hawtin, a legendary minimal techno musician and DJ, brings Twitter into the DJ Booth and invites the world to see what’s happening in real time.

Tweeting Tiësto

DJ Tiësto’s gig last night at XS Nightclub in Los Angeles was the first to be broadcast live on Twitter.

5 Social Media Strategies To Interact With Your Fans

It’s always a benefit to both your band and your fans to give back to the very collective who are the very reason for your existence and success. Here are five ways found from around on the socialweb to bring a smile to your fan’s faces.