How To Get Press Coverage For Your Music? #Webinar

The free webinar will be packed with examples of how to not do media outreach, tips on approaching press so that someone actually writes about you, and on how to make blogs and magazines care about what you do.

Pimp Your EPK [Free Webinar]

On Wednesday, April 10th, I’m hosting a free webinar called “Pimp Your EPK,” where will demonstrate you some very practical recommendations on improving your electronic press kit.

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [MP3]

So what exactly does that “Direct to Fan” thing mean to you, the artist willing to establish a successful music career? Grab the free recording from our recent webinar inside the post!

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [Free Webinar]

You’ve surely heard a lot about going “direct to fans” and building your own fanbase as, basically, the most reliable ways to establish your music career these days. But how exactly does it help you sell more music?

November 19th Webinar Flyer

Free Webinar: Optimize Social Networks For Your Website, The Smart Way

You use social networks to connect with your fans. Developers of the service called myband.is see those networks like loose puzzle pieces and believe that the best way you can put them together is by having an official website.