MGT130: How To Register Your .MUSIC Domain Name – Constantine Roussos (DotMusic)

.MUSIC is now a community-based top-level domain that is supported by thousands of music organizations worldwide, representing over 95% of global music (probably including yours).

MGT68: A New Tool To Simplify Your Demo Submissions – Paul Loeb (DropTrack)

Paul Loeb, founder and developer of DropTrack – a new music marketing platform used by over 6,000 artists and labels – gives tips on building your email list, networking, and growing a business as a one-man show.

Jabber Jaw

New Music-Focused Podcast Network Jabberjaw Media Launches

Jabberjaw Media, a new music-focused podcast network was launched last week. Founded by Matt Carter, Nick Bunda, and Mike Mowery, the new network promises free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from its creators.

Peer Tracks

MGT51: Peertracks, Rockin’ The Block(chain) – Cédric Cobban

Cédric Cobban explains how Peertracks is building a system that incentivizes music discovery, slashes fees on sales, and creates brave new worlds of brand-artist collaborations.

Google Analytics

5 Tools Used By The Pros To Kick Start Your Music Marketing Efforts On A Budget

Marketing your music is a daunting and time consuming task, with a lot of conflicting information on the best practices. Here are five tools used by the pros that you can use on a budget to start marketing your music today.

Budi Voogt

MGT47: Taking A Record Label To The Next Level – Budi Voogt (Heroic Recordings)

Budi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings, talks about the impressive recent growth of the company, his new music business course, and SoundCloud (and if you should keep using it).