MGT106: How An American Hip Hop Artist Travelled To North Korea To Play Hockey – Alex Frecon

Alex Frecon, a hip hop artist and copywriter from Minneapolis, went to North Korea to play in a hockey match against the North Korean Men’s National Hockey Team. Now Alex shares his story on this Music Growth Talks podcast episode.

7 Essential YouTube Tips For Musicians

This post gives some advice on how to manage your YouTube channel as a musician and elaborates on the YouTube Creator’s Academy series about the same topic.

Peter Hollens

MGT85: The Recipe For Building A YouTube Powerhouse – Peter Hollens

Listen to this podcast episode as Peter Hollens, an a cappella singer and producer who’s built a massive loyal following on YouTube and Patreon, shares what it took to get where he is today and what mobile apps he uses for promotion daily.

András Bodrogi

MGT61: Mastering YouTube As A Musician – András Bodrogi (Google Ground Budapest)

Andras Bodrogi, a YouTube expert trainer at Google Ground Budapest, talks about growing YouTube community as a musician, video SEO tips, monetization, and learning from successful vloggers.

Wyatt Jenkins On Shutterstock Music And Democratising Content Creation #SAtN

In this SAtN interview, Wyatt Jenkins – the VP of Product at Shutterstock – talks about the latest developments at Shutterstock and its Music department.

JTV Digital Founder Talks Music Distribution Trends #Podcast

MGT22: Music Distribution Advice – Jeremie Varengo (JTV Digital)

Jeremie Varengo is a founder of JTV Digital, a music distribution company. We talked about the latest news in the distribution world, new platforms, monetising YouTube videos and more.