ThingLink’s Jonas Forth On Web Apps Serving The Music Industry #SAtN

TThe new Stand Above The Noise video is out! Watch below an interview with Jonas Forth, Creative Director of ThingLink – a web app allowing anyone to make images interactive in few clicks. The interview was conducted in Helsinki.

ThingLink is very popular among music brands, and has been used both by major labels and indie artists (we love it, too). Jonas talks on how small the music tech space is, how music tools like ThingLink serve the modern music industry, and how you can get the most out of such services yourself.

Watch the video below:

00:00:34 – Jonas Forth introduction
00:00:55 – What types of brands have been using ThingLink so far
00:01:32 – What problems ThingLink solves for the music industry
00:02:30 – What apps integrate with ThingLink
00:04:46 – The state of the modern music industry
00:06:19 – How to distinguish yourself in the crowded market
00:08:31 – The importance of analytics in the music industry
00:09:47 – What’s next for ThinkLink
00:10:58 – A single advice to independent artists

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PS: We are in the process of building a brand new Stand Above The Noise website, will announce it here within couple weeks.