Audiokite: Honest Feedback And Stats On Your Songs

AAfter months of hard work you’re almost done with your new album, but you’re still unsure of what song should be the lead single. You decide to ask people that you know, but they all say that every song is great. Instead of relying on the opinions of biased friends, you want to hear what others has to say.

That’s where Audiokite comes in – a website that provides you with feedback from people in the United States. These reviewers fill out a survey about your song, and when they’re done, you get a report with the survey results. Audiokite’s focus group consists of reviewers from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, with about 10,000 listeners.



However, all of this depends on if you require feedback or not – Perhaps you’ve no interest in US respondents’ opinion, or perhaps you feel that your song is fine as it is. But Audiokite can be very useful, especially with its detailed statistics: For example, it shows reviewers’ answers to questions such as “How likely would you be to purchase or stream this song after hearing it?” and whether they’d like to see you live after listening to your song (provided that you were in the area).

Audiokite recently relaunched, and have added new features such as custom reports and industry opportunities. The relaunched Audiokite is more customizable – you can choose how many listeners will hear and review your tracks, how long a song needs to be listened to, and target people that prefer a specific genre. You can also see when a listener stopped listening to a song.

An exciting feature is that if you receive a particularly high score, you can be eligible for industry opportunities (such as blog writeups, musician services, promotion opportunities, submission to label A&R).

Other statistics displayed are general rating, commercial viability, sync licensing (what genre the reviewers associates your music with), demographic, and listener sentiment (how long people listened, feelings that they associated to the song and a section for free responses) – all this compared to the average of other Audiokite uploads.

It also let’s you see what the listeners thought of the track in detail, such as vocal performance, lyrics, song structure and the beats. You can target the listeners through genre, so that jazz lovers won’t have to hear your breakbeat song.

So, how much does Audiokite cost? For $15 you’ll get 50 reviews and for $29,99 you’ll get a 100-listener report, which takes about a week to be verified and delivered. However, if you’re a We Spin member, Audiokite has a 30% discount in store for you!

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a Swedish journalist, student and bass player, with a passion for music and Tarantino-flicks.