Audio Streaming

Sony’s ‘Music Unlimited’ Cloud Service Hits Japan

Sony has launched Music Unlimited – its cloud-based music subscription service – in Japan in a week that has seen escalating privacy concerns over digital media.

Spotify’s Hold On Facebook Music Questioned

Does Mark Zuckerberg still love Spotify? Editor Sam Agini casts doubt on that.

Facebook: We Removed Grooveshark App

Grooveshark, the music streaming website, has disappeared from Facebook, with the social media giant citing infringement issues.

Future Music Business Models: A Response

According to many music industry insiders and commentators, three major future business models are emerging within the music industry. Drawing on a 1 March blog post by Million Media founder Neil Cartwright, Dotted Music Editor Samuel Agini discusses and elaborates on the discussion surrounding them.

Digster: UMG’s Digital Revolution Continued

Earlier this month Universal Media Group (UMG) announced the launch of Digster, a music playlist service intended to bring Spotify and VEVO to life; the ongoing digital impetus at UMG is invigorating, but is Digster the next big thing, or just another music service stale from the production line?

Musicians’ Services Review:

Munite is a social networking website for musicians fashioning itself as the website bridging the gap between local talent and global takeover. Munite’s repertoire includes a web service to encourage musical collaboration across the world.