In Defence Of Vinyl Giveaway: Win 1,2,3’s Colored ‘Confetti’ 7 Inch!

It’s been a while since our last In Defence Of Vinyl giveaway, but here we go again – today you’ve got a chance to win a limited edition colored vinyl of 1,2,3’s debut single, “Confetti”! Only 500 copies have been pressed, so this is pretty hot.

Hail The Villain Show How A True Interactive Website Has To Look Like

The Canadian rock/metal band Hail The Villain have unleashed what they called “the most creative and technologically advanced website ever built for a band.”

Four Year Strong Tell Fans To ‘Go FYS Yourself’ With A Photo Game

Four Year Strong have launched, an interactive picture website application that allows users to customize uploaded/webcam photos with 100+ unique details.

Slash And Ultimate Guitar Partner Up

Guitar enthusiast media company is officially co-developing and co-managing famed guitarist’s new website and online initiatives. A co-branded mobile app is on the way!

Image credit: Gripweed on Pixdaus

Investing In Indie Bands: A Business Model To Support The Music Industry

Using the stock exchange as a basis for my business model, I’ve constructed a theoretical approach to help support up-and-coming bands, starting from when they’re still at their earliest stages of their artistic and commercial development.

The Effects Of The Internet: Contract Giveaways

We’ve all seen your modern reality TV show: Pop Idol, X Factor, etc. etc. A collection of wannabe musicians gather together for the chance to become a star. Honestly, who wouldn’t take the chance if it was offered to them?