What Makes Music ‘Mastered For iTunes’ More Special?

Many consumers share the view that music in digital format is a transitional result of compromised quality. What more can we expect from the convenience its existence brings?

The Age of Music Piracy Continues As Japan Makes Illegal Downloading A Punishable Offense

Editor Sam Agini reports on the legislation passed in Japan that renders illegal downloading a punishable offense.

Reflecting On Whitney Houston Past and Future

Whitney Houston’s talent endeared her to the music industry, ranking her among its most treasured artists. But can the tabloids, bloggers, and record labels resist the temptation to exploit Whitney’s tragedy?

Blame Apple? An Industry Outlook

While there still are some industry behemoths struggling under the weight of horribly-performing traditional revenue streams, the more-dynamic companies in the industry sphere have managed to turn profitable by signing 360-deals with the artists that they represent.

Apple’s New Social Network Ping Hits A Few Bumps In The Road

Last week Apple released its latest iTunes update to 10.0 – along with a brand new social network entirely for music. The network, called Ping, is the latest of web 2.0 social networks to hit the world wide web.

The Fader Releases iPhone And Android App Using New Mobile Roadie Pro Service

The Fader created a free custom mobile application for iPhone and Android as part of a new version of popular Mobile Roadie DYI service.