Guilty Pleasures Within The Music Industry

WWhat are some of your guilty pleasures that one would not expect to see on your iPod? This was a question asked of a huge selection of musicians and professionals in the music industry by All About The Music’s owner Alex Gilbert. To understand the fun and unexpectedness of this list, please note that the respondents were people mainly within the metal scene. Oh yes, and I was included as well :)

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Below are just few highlights, and here you will find the original Guilty Pleasures… list.

Kevin Talley (Daath/professional studio drummer):

Abba!! In addition to Queen, they were extremely ahead of their time. They were just more subtle about it than Queen so the average person can’t really tell they are over the top. Abba’s phrasing, progressions, arrangements, and over all songs are incredible. Yes, a ton of cheddar is in there but that’s all for the better. I love the cheese!! haha. It’s so freakin awesome to crank Abba. If you don’t know about it, you are missin’ out!!!

Dave Davidson (Revocation):

One of my guiltiest pleasures would probably be Fall Out Boy. Not really a fan of their older stuff but the last couple of records they’ve put out were awesome. Phil’s guilty pleasure is probably Boys 2 Men, he will straight up sing that CD from front to back when he’s drunk and it always brings the laughs. Anthony is also into a lot of pop, right now I think he’s on a Lady Gaga kick.

Rich Nelson (Earache Records):

As a nostalgic nod to my nu-metal phase you will find Limp Bizkit and Korn on my iPod. Certainly guilty pleasures as I’ve been exposed to much better music since my teenage years. Every now and then I’ll get the urge to blast songs from Significant Other and Follow The Leader, though the Caffeine pants and UFOs stay hidden in the closet (you never know when you might need a quick escape via parachute!)

Aidan Gray (SMNnews):

I have to be honest, I love me a bit of Britrock. From Oasis to Kasabian to some of the more dance fueled singles that chart in the UK. Some of those tunes could make an absolutely meaty metal track. Nothing like a little drop-D and a burst of larynx to turn a top pop tune into a mosh worthy anthem.

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What’s your guilty music pleasures? Share them in the comments!