CD-Vinyl: Innovation Or Perversion?

OOk, that might be enough of posts about album packaging for the first week of the blog’s existence, but I couldn’t resist from covering this one when saw it. It’s such a nice mix of the two biggest music data mediums, that you have a fleeting desire to obtain a copy even understanding that your delight will pass after just one usage.

The thingy in question is a new single by French hip-hop producer Wax Tailor, released in a format aptly titled CD-Vinyl – which can be played in a CD player as well as on a turntable (the image above is quite explanatory). I have some doubts that you will take a “CD-Vinyl” hybrid out to play on a party, but it’s a funny gadget for sure (and a nice tribute to vinyl)!

Wax Tailor - Say Yes (feat ASM)

Also reminded me about this awesome album package by Moldover. One of the best CD covers I’ve ever seen.

So, the CD-Vinyl contains a Wax’ lead single off his third album, Say Yes, and is being packaged with the album at Borders retailers.

The artist’s audio album trailer is located at this location. All tracks’ preview in one MP3 is a handy solution by the way (sometimes it bugs me to download ten fifty-seconds preview tracks from an album if I just want to give the LP a brief listen).