Everclear’s Art Alexakis: Your Success ‘Depends On How Much You Want To Hustle’

WWasn’t invited on a tour or a fest you’ve been dreaming to play at for years? But did you lose an opportunity, or just won a new one?

Art Alexakis, a charismatic frontman of the multi-platinum band Everclear, shared that cool Warped Tour story in an interview with Ultimate Guitar’s Joe Matera. Read an excerpt from the chat below.

Image credit: Andrew J Ferguson on Flickr

What sort of business advice would you impart to young musicians about your own experience in this industry?

The business of the music industry is really not much of a business any more as it is kind of a free for all. People are just starting to figure their way through it all now. I think that is both bad but mostly good especially for new young bands as the opportunities there are now… well, it depends on how much you want to hustle.

It is about really working hard though. For example there was this band I met at the Warped tour. This band didn’t even get picked to play the Warped tour but they followed the whole Warped tour for two months. They just bought a booth and managed to sell over $70,000 worth of CDs and shirts during that period. And they were playing people their songs on headphones and kids were buying it.

Now that is amazing to have sold that much without playing a single show. And now I guess everybody is going to pick them to play next year because they were outselling bands every night, bands that were actual playing on the bill. I was super impressed.

How much do you want to hustle?