Helmet: ‘Hang On To Your Music And Don’t Worry About Getting Signed’

TTo be signed or not to be signed? The rhetorical question has been and will be asked many times on this blog, but that’s not the point. Today we’ve got a quote from a person, who has no doubts on what a young musician should do.

Rock band Helmet have just returned with a new full-length album, Seeing Eye Dog, their first since 2006’s critically acclaimed Monochrome. The record was produced by the band’s leader, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Page Hamilton, with additional production by Toshi Kasai and vocal production by Mark Renk.

Ultimate Guitar writer Joe Matera spoke to Page Hamilton about the album, career, and the music industry.

When it comes to the business side of the industry, what sort of advice would you impart to a young band?

To hang on to your music and don’t worry about getting signed. Why would you want to get signed to somebody that wants your t-shirt money, your publishing and your records? Why would you want to do that? In this day and age especially, you can do it all yourself. That’s how we did it in the first place and still do.

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