Save The 100 Club: Helping The UK Live Scene

TThe birthplace of British swing, jazz and punk rock, where Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks played its now-legendary Punk Festival in September 1976, The 100 Club is to be closed by the end of the year. There is a slight chance to save it, however, if you help the venue to survive.

The club sits at 100 Oxford Street, London, and is completely immersed in pride due to the musicians, crowds and laissez-faire attitude that have always seen it open its doors and mind to all bands great and small.

A Savethe100club campaign has been launched to raise enough capital through donations so that the team of venue’s supporters can buy “the name, the rights, the goodwill and fixtures and fittings” from the present owner and take over ownership of the club.

The people who donated will become “members of the 100 Club” and will be invited to have their say on major decisions that the board of Trustees make. The club will be run as a not for profit organisation and therefore will be eligible for government funding such as from the Lottery fund and the Heritage fund. The trustees will also be applying for heritage status for the club which will secure its long term future.

When London film maker George McCallum discovered the imminent threat of 100 Club’s closure, he took it upon himself to try and help by creating a mini-documentary which could remind people why, even though we are all so busy, this is something worth caring about and supporting.

It is too late for other great venues like The Astoria and The Metro, but there now only remains a handful of clubs and venues for new bands to play in the heart of London and none quite like The 100 Club. Filmmaker George says, “I hope the documentary helps towards reaching the £500,000 target to turn it into a non-profit organization. It’s an excellent idea and part of the remit for the club is to have a new band night once a week – this is essential to the future of the club.”

Save The 100 Club needs help of the world’s music community today. Even if you don’t can or wish to donate, share a link to this post or to