ReThink Music, A Global Dialogue For Change

DDear Music,

You have suffered. How? Why? What is the culprit at the core that started it all? A thought pattern, “music is free”. We at the Restoring Music Foundation believe the key to valuing you lies where it all began, a thought. The battle ground is in the mind. There is no going back and old thoughts will no longer do. It is time to reThink everything.

We would like to invite everyone in music to become a part of a global conversation for the restoration of music. The crisis has been defined, help us now talk of solutions. Many issues must be addressed, yet the true key to restoration lies in our perception of worth. Give music value once more and we have found our great and elusive tipping point.

Join the Global Twitter Dialogue

#RMFProblems (or #RMFP) – Are problems missing from The Crisis Document?

#RMFSolutions (or #RMFS) – How can we solve the problems listed on The Crisis Document?

This is our chance to rethink EVERYTHING.
THOUGHT LEADERS steer the discussion,
The SOCIAL MEDIA mind participates.

By the Restoring Music Foundation, an LA & Nashville based 501(c)3, and part of a crowdsourced research project for the restoration of the music industry. Since the start of the project in 2007, the issues have been discussed all across Linkedin and in numerous professional music industry circles (most notably within the well respected Music and Entertainment Professionals group). Our intention with this Treatise is to let everyone in on the conversation. Get involved: #RMFSolutions.