Welcome New Dotted Music Editor: Samuel Agini

TToday I am proud to announce that Samuel Agini has joined Dotted Music as an editor and writer! Please welcome Samuel, and let him introduce himself under the photo.

This is Sam

“My name is Samuel Agini, but I do hope that our readers will feel sufficiently at ease to address me as ‘Sam’. As the new editor of Dotted Music, I shall bring my knowledge of the music industry to the blog.

“I suppose my career began a few years ago when I began to write for Ultimate-Guitar.com. My reviews were soon complemented by my monthly column all about “unsigned bands” – bands with no record label affiliation in terms of a contract. The column proved to be a telling baptism into music marketing and PR. Many of the bands would employ different techniques to grab my attention, which inspired my interest in the field.

“When the position of Editor became available at Dotted Music I immediately contacted Andrew at his mystical music marketing base in Kalingrad, where I put forth my desire to join the Dotted Music team.

“In my short time on the earth, I have been a scientifically termed this or that, a student, an army private, and a student again! Now I am set to be an editor, and in this capacity I hope to help Dotted Music realise its potential as the best music blog on the web.”

Sam, welcome!

You can contact Sam at sam.agini@dottedmusic.com or via Twitter