Why Direct 2 Fan?

HHere’s a cool crowdsourced video we received from MIDEM reps. Features Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, solo artist Zoe Keating, manager Emily White and more artists, managers and experts talking on why direct-to-fan is the way forward. Below are the timecodes for each person (the original list is available here), watch the YouTube video blow.


  • Ed O’Brien, Radiohead: The key relationship is the one between the band and the people who like that band. And we have this wonderful means to achieve that now: through the web.
  • 00:21 Zoe Keating, solo artist: It’s probably the only way an experimental artist like me could succeed. Becasue there is nobody between me and the fans, the only decisions are artistic ones.
  • 00:57 Gold Motel (Greta Morgan & Dan Duszynski): As music lovers, we all know how much you appreciate it when you get to meet somebody you love. So now we’re actually in a band, it’s nice to be able to reach out that way whenever somebody is interested.
  • 01:19 Michelle Phelan, Carosel: I like to have quite a personal relationship with fans. I do talk to them, I respond to every message. People seem to want a very authentic experience; I’m happy to do that. My (personal) Facebook page is open to everybody.
  • 01:40 Sydney Wayser, solo artist: More and more artists are going to be figuring out what they want to say and how they want to present it to their fans, and I’m just excited to see what everyone comes up with!


  • 02:25 Emily Gonneau, Unicum Music (OK Go (EU), Carosel, Emilie Chick): It’s about time artists took centre stage of the music business. So many artists have been empowered by D2F to decide what, when and how they want express themselves, so that we their partners can just focus on serving that vision and getting the job done.
  • 02:56 Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment (Brendan Benson, Gold Motel, Sydney Wayser, Urge Overkill): D2F is crucial, as the number one way to get music from the artists to the fans. So instead of relying on expensive radio promo teams or publicists… we can email fans, and ask for a tweet or a like for free tracks. That way we retain their info and they keep coming back, hopefully for the artist’s entire career.


  • 03:30 Sam McGregor, Good Lizard Media: D2F allows artists to customise their retail model directly and specifically to their own fans, which means that experience is better suited to them, leading to a longer-lasting and more profitable relationship.
  • 03:52 David Riley, Good Lizard Media: D2F is more then just another revenue model for artists. It’s a model that both engages and develops fanbase at the same time. So you can give products to a fanbase that actually want to buy them; and by doing so creating a greater connection between artists and their fans. That way artists build a cottage industry rather than just selling one CD through a retailer.
  • 04:19 Martin Frascogna, DIY Artist lawyer: Fans don’t necessarily need the old marketing plan that is designed to permeate the masses. D2F has not only allowed artists to bypass any old system of conformity; it allows them to organically develop a business plan that taps into their needs, and their fans’ needs as well.
  • To learn how you can come to MIDEM 2012 for just €295 as an artist here.