The Rods: ‘Today Bands Can Be Heard Without Having To Rely On Record Deal’

BBelow you will read an excerpt from an interview with the band you might or might not heard of before – much depends on your age and musical tastes. This is one of those legendary acts that could hit the big time, but didn’t.

The Rods‘ guitarist and lead vocalist DavidRockFeinstein, who agreed to chat with Ultimate Guitar’s Joe Matera in January, also happens to be the cousin of Ronnie James Dio, tragically passed almost a year ago.

Feinstein talked about Dio, the band’s new album “Vengeance,” out in March, believing in yourself, and the music business – among many other things. Read on.

David 'Rock' Feinstein

Back in the early 1980s a then-unknown Metallica opened a headlining tour for you, what do you remember from that period?

Both of us bands were like club bands. We were playing clubs at the time and it was a great time and the guys in Metallica were really great. We had a lot of fun. There is not a lot to tell about it, except for the fact that we had a good time playing with those guys.

Back around the same time, the whole burgeoning new wave of metal was coming to the fore.

Yes, we didn’t know it at the time but we were definitely at the beginning of that whole new wave of heavy metal that was happening. And we didn’t realize it at the time but I think we influenced a lot of bands that actually went on after The Rods decided to stop playing. We were a big influence on bands that started out and that makes us feel good even though we didn’t become as successful as a lot of the bands that followed us. But it still feels good to have them be part of that whole scene in the beginning.

What has so many years in the music industry taught you about the business side of things?

The business side of things is basically the same as it has always been. The only thing that has changed things quite a bit is the internet, especially with iTunes, video and downloading music. I don’t think even the big well known bands are selling the number of albums they used to in the past because of downloading.

I think one of the biggest changes is that, in the early years before the internet, the bands really relied on record companies. If the band didn’t have a record deal, you couldn’t get your music out there and heard. But because of the internet nowadays, new bands can really get their music out there and be heard without having to rely on a record deal from a record company.

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