How To Tour. Part 2: Promoting Your Tour

LLast week we posted an article on how to get your band touring. In this installment we’ll talk specifically on promoting your tours.

Promotion within a city is specific to the avenues available in that area, but it all comes down to some fairly simple stuff. It just takes time and dedication.

Print Media, Radio, And Television

Every city has a local arts paper or magazine. Research and figure out where to send your press release (you’ve made a press release, right?), tour dates, and try to make it a little more personal (ie, talk about why this town is particularly exciting for your band). Also look up all the radio stations in those cities as well as television stations. Get in contact with the program director and give them your pitch. Hopefully your pitch has an interesting angle to it that they can get behind.

Image credit: sicksailors on Tumblr

Internet Forums And Blogs

The internet is global and so are musicians. You may find new fans with forums specific to your tour destinations. Bloggers in well connected music circles are the people you want writing positively about your band. They have listeners. Post your show date, strike up a conversation, and make a connection.

Social Networking

There’s always someone in the tour van who’s got their laptop or cell phone going. Log into your Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace and send an update once in a while. “Van broke down. Having an acoustic jam on the side of the road to entertain the mechanic.” Keep it interesting and informative – don’t stop at “Chicago tonight!” Make a joke while you’re at it or offer something special for your potential guests. Ask questions. People love to voice their opinions.


Every tour needs a tour poster. I’m not going to run on a graphic design rant but make sure you have an attractive poster with all your dates listed, but also have a secondary poster with a blank space to custom tailor on a per show basis. Send these posters to all the venues, radio stations, and any friends or fans in your street team who live in the area. Keep extra ones on hand to autograph or put up in local stores on your off days.

Next week I’ll be talking about what to keep in mind when you’re about to embark on the tour. Until then, get out your map and start planning your adventure.

Chris Gallant is the lead singer and guitarist of The Sidewalks, an alternative rock/ska band from PEI, Canada. He has been promoting acts and booking his own tours for three years now. The article was originally published on Ultimate Guitar.