NYC Band PUi To Make Video From Fans-Filmed Footage Of Public Stunt

NNew York City band PUi is preparing a live campaign in order to be filmed for their new music video for the single “Army Of Slaves,” being re-recorded specifically for the video. The cool part is that the band is making it up to the fans to direct their music video.

PUi will perform a currently unannounced public stunt and invite fans to come and record footage to be used as the video; there will be no cameramen hired by the band. The band is said to announce the date, time and location of the event as well as some insight on the planning stages at

PUi promo photo

Fans will be asked to show up with a camera when the information is released. The best footage submitted to will be PUi’s first ever music video.

While this is not the first time a music act exploits fans by asking them to film a performance on handycams and mobile phones and then submit footage online, the approach in PUi’s campaign is pretty straight-forward and interesting.

PUi released a “You Will Clap” EP in January 2010, and plans on releasing a new full-length album within the next year, entitled Neo-Primal. PUi’s sound is described as “a melodic rhythmic texture bred from a relentless mélange of rock, alternative, R&B, punk, hip-hop, Middle Eastern motifs, and electronica.”