Dotted Music Readers Don’t Think MySpace Will Be Successful Again

AAs we reported in our weekly newsletter a week ago, MySpace’s new owner Specific Media had made a claim to relaunch the social media mammoth in 2011, focusing solely on music this time. The company’s new marketing head Al Dejewski even mentioned they are going to compete against the likes of Spotify and iTunes.

MySpace, bought by News Corp six years ago for $580 million and sold in June this year for $35 million, lost over half its users just this year – but it’s still 70 million people worldwide. And with a team of Mr. Dejewski, veteran of PepsiCo, and two unrevealed branding agencies, as well as Justin Timberlake in the role of a creative director, the company could finally offer something worthwhile to the musicians community.

Do you think MySpace has a chance to be resurrected?

Not much, according to results of this poll.

41% of those who voted think that the social network will never fix the damaged reputation, and 32% says although it might start making sense again, the website will never beat the likes of Soundcloud or Bandcamp. 22% of readers still think that it has chances to be properly resurrected and become huge, and 2% agrees that MySpace needs to fire Justin (ok, that was a silly joke).

What do you think about the potential of MySpace 3.0?