Fanu’s Free ‘Coffee Crazy’ EP Premiered Through A Blog For Coffee Lovers

CCoffee Crazy, the brand new EP from Helsinki-based and Dotted Music-affiliated musician Fanu has been premiered through Dear Coffee, I Love You, a “design driven resource for coffee lovers around the world.” The new 5-track album is inspired by the drum & bass producer’s love of coffee and the creative fuel it provides to so many artists.

The record is being given away for free via NoiseTrade, and everyone is welcomed to leave Fanu a “tip” on the site or the sharable widget you can find in the sidebar on the right.

Coffee Crazy EP

As the artist writes in his blog post, “This EP is my praise for coffee, obviously. Get some of that black nectar of gods while enjoying this. It’s not illegal to listen to it while sipping some quality tea, either.”

The press release, with more information on each of the tracks, goes below:

Coffee Crazy EP was born out of Fanu’s love for coffee – the black nectar of gods, the ultimate fuel behind every crazy multitalent, the sweet liquid that keeps us running in the long run, the ultimate nerve-firing ingredient that even Agent Cooper downed with passion.

  1. Perky Percolator Jam” kicks off the jam with playful vibes, rolling breaks, and a double bass line, making you feel as perky as if you had just gulped down good sips of that percolator brew.
  2. Above Waters” describes the ethereal vibe you have while on a coffee high, making you feel like you’re floating above the sea.
  3. Bad Coffee” got its name from a bad coffee experience Fanu had at St. Petersburg train station. Fanu had to put the horror into some kind of form to get it out of his system, and this is the result.
  4. Espresso Deluxe” is a sweet combination of rich yet smooth elements that lets you savor the subtlety and intricacy you might find in a classy cup of good-quality coffee.
  5. Mocca Overdose”. Another case of putting bad experiences into musical form. Fanu downed two percolators worth of mocca + a few cups of filter coffee in a few hours (true story!), and the result was very heavy and brooding that seemed to last a little too long – just like this track. Enjoy with caution!

If you don’t quite get what sort of music this is, listen to the tracks’ previews at Fanu’s Soundcloud page.

Is there a beverage you would dedicate a song to?