Critics. Part 2: What Will Happen To The Old School Critics? Actions. Louder. Words.

If someone’s feels they know better than the artists who create the music we listen to, why don’t they put that knowledge to use and give us the album we’re missing?

Join Stewart Walker Interview Premiere On 11/21: Special Guest Steve Mill From Believe Digital #SAtN

Details about the upcoming second issue of the Stand Above The Noise series, to air live on November 21st, 2012.

12500 Votes: The Ultimate Festival Line-Up

12500 people voted, but do you agree with this contentiously titled Ultimate Festival Line-Up?

iPod and CDs

Critics. Part 1: Is There A Place For Critical Analysis In The Modern Music Business?

With a reported 1,100 new blogs created by music fans per day and far more sharing their opinions on social network sites, it begs the question – what is the role of the traditional reviewer?

Never Miss A Live Opportunity To Promote Your Band

Always promote your band, but make sure you make an impression on stage.

Why is my music free?

‘Why Is My Music Free?’

I’ve given loads of music out for free, and will continue to do so. For me, it’s by far the best way to reach people – old fans and new.