Next SoundCloud: Creator

Next Soundcloud Launched For Everyone

‘Next’ launches to the public today, allowing the world to discover and connect with the largest community of music and audio creators.

Pandora Vs. The Artists: A Compromise To Save Face & Money

An open letter to Pandora & the Artists, and the foundation for a dialogue on compromise.

5 Annoying Conversations Non-musicians Will Have With You

Dreama writes about the conversations that non-musicians would do better to avoid when talking to musicians.

Musicians Are Less Producers Of Music Than Producers Of Culture #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise video interview, Stewart Walker talks on why musicians are more creators of culture than music nowadays and shows us what a pain a distributor who went bankrupt can bring to a label owner.

November 19th Webinar Flyer

Free Webinar: Optimize Social Networks For Your Website, The Smart Way

You use social networks to connect with your fans. Developers of the service called myband.is see those networks like loose puzzle pieces and believe that the best way you can put them together is by having an official website.

Qusic: Keeping Tabs On Your Favourite Artists

Qusic hopes to to revolutionise the way people keep up with their favourite bands, enabling music lovers to track new releases by the artists they love at the click of a button.