Next Soundcloud Launched For Everyone

SSoundCloud announced today that Next SoundCloud has launched out of private beta and is available for public sign-up. The complete reworking of the platform’s product is now open to all, offering everyone the opportunity to explore a world of original music and audio content, as well as to connect and share with the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters, and other sound creators.

SoundCloud claims the creators using the service now post over 10 hours of music and audio every minute; the platform reaches over 180 million people, equating to 8% of the entire internet population, every month. First released into private beta in May this year, the reengineered SoundCloud has seen engagement increase more than 30% over the previous version. Here’s the list of new features:

  • Discover new and original sounds: A simplified onboarding experience and new Explore page invites new users to discover original music and audio from SoundCloud’s community of sound creators, hosted on the platform. In addition, improved search, related sounds suggestions, and Continuous Play encourage users to find and hear more.
  • Connect with sound creators: Creators are at the heart of SoundCloud, with a simpler onboarding and landing page to educate and inspire. An enhanced Facebook sign-up not only allows new users to find their Facebook friends on SoundCloud, but also lets them find music and audio creators they’ve ‘liked’ so that they can follow them on SoundCloud as well. In return, Facebook Connect helps creators build and reach their audience and the wider SoundCloud community.
  • Share what you hear: Sets allow everyone to curate sounds they like in a single waveform, while reposts let friends, fans and followers easily share sets and sounds within the community. And sound creators and curators can now get real-time notifications of comments and reposts.
  • New for mobile: Starting December 6th, mobile users will be able to enjoy reposts, updated mobile search, and UX updates on both iOS and Android.

SoundCloud’s community of sound creators spans a huge range of artists, producers and organisations. From independent artists like Cyra Morgan to Grammy-winning bands like Deftones.

To sign up and explore SoundCloud, visit

Couple screenshots from the Next SoundCloud are below:

Next SoundCloud: Creator

Next SoundCloud: Explore

Next SoundCloud: Related Sounds