Preview: Presskit Digital Business Card App For The Music Industry

WWith today’s overflow of social media, it is difficult to establish a web presence that isn’t convoluted or inundated with fans’ pesky comments.

Bands’ facebook pages are increasingly messy, with many different aspects to them, but at times this is impractical; especially when making professional connections.

That’s where, an app still in beta testing, comes in. Described as a cross-platform app for the music industry, is designed with the digital demands of the music business in mind. It is a digital business card.

Cutting the excesses of social media while cropping clutter, is ridiculously easy to use. Creating a presentable digital business card is achievable within just a few minutes after signing up. My effort, although rushed for the purposes of review, is evidence enough that is worth a shot.

Uploading photographs could do with some work, as it’s somewhat tricky to upload a photo without a stretched result. A minor quip, not unimportant, but a quip all the same. offers an excellent way to exchange details with other music industry professionals, without sacrificing the functionality of facebook. It would have been easy for its creators to design an app that look too serious, or too reflective of a real-life business card. They have wisely stuck to keeping their target market in mind.

So who is behind It’s Indie Ambassador, a small group of entrepreneurs who have been working professionally in the music, technology, and marketing spaces for over a decade. The group’s connections have resulted in several exciting developments for For one, integration with SoundCloud is the first of many third-party integrations that will be built into the app in the near future. With Soundcloud on board, and the capacity for all sorts of media to included on Indie Ambassador’s digital business cards, these are exciting times for music industry professionals.

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Samuel Agini is the Editor of Andrew Apanov’s Dotted Music.