Fashion From Music Festivals To Clothing Racks

MMusic festivals like Coachella, SXSW and Lollapalooza influence current fashion styles found in department stores. From country lovers to metal heads and everyone in between, music aficionados plan to head out in full storm. Concerts are a great place for people to show off their unique fashion styles. It’s no wonder, then, that designers produce collections for the public that are inspired by concert and music fashion.

Colorful Concert Clothes

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the rave scene influenced mainstream in serious ways. Kandy kids with glow sticks, wide-legged pants and rainbow-colored hair were everywhere. It wasn’t long before teenagers and young adults across the globe dressed in clothes inspired by these rave outfits. Neon colors paired with black, fishnets on arms and legs, hair falls and UV-reactive materials were on every rack in the mall for a few years.

A few items didn’t make it into the mainstream; although, you may have seen them on the runways. These include fluffy tutus, fuzzy leg warmers and skimpy bikini tops. The bright colors and plastic bracelets were sometimes reminiscent of childhood, so it’s no wonder that ravers were sometimes called “Kandi” or “Kandy” kids.

Metal Goes Mainstream

While this type of music might not be known or loved by everyone, metal fashion has seeped into the everyday nonetheless. Refinery 29 showcases boots and leather in their festival-inspired fashion. Boots are a requirement if you want to jump in the mosh pit without bruising your toes. Women can add heels for a more feminine appearance, while leather boots lend a rougher, more masculine touch to an outfit.

There’s plenty of concert experiences where you’ll find men and women in jean jackets, and metal reigns supreme among them. You won’t find any women with delicate jean jackets over their pretty sundresses. Metal heads will be bedecked with spikes, studs or hand-drawn band symbols. The jackets, which are sometimes cut off and frayed at the ends, often cover band t-shirts. A band logo or photo against a black background on a tee is something you now see every day.

Hippie fashion

Hippie fashion

Cozy Hippie Clothes

Indie concerts and even classic rock shows sometimes share a similar vibe when you compare attire. Any festival with a laid-back atmosphere probably showcases attendees with fashion that is just as loose. Kate Bosworth’s festival inspired line and Harper’s Bazaar’s shoot of Glastonbury fashion showcased this.

Swap the picnic blanket for a comfortable maxi dress that allows you to sprawl on the ground and remain covered as the same time. With so many billowing sleeves and skirts, you might forget how hippie fashion and concert culture are practical, too. A scarf protects skin and hair from sun, ties your hair away from your eyes and can also function as a belt. When the unexpected happens, a scarf can serve as someplace to sit on the ground or a way to hide tears in awkward locations.

You won’t go more than five steps at any concert before seeing someone with a bag slung over their shoulder, and cross body bags offer convenience and comfort. The bag is always within reach and secured to your body with chunky straps, while the weight distributes across your body and not just a single shoulder.

Top your concert look off with a pair of sunglasses, both stylish and useful, and you’re ready to rock out no matter what type of musician entertains the crowd from the stage.

Paula left her job as a buyer for a major retailer to raise her children at home. She enjoys blogging in her spare time.