Reasons To Start A Music Blog

SStarting a music blog is a great way to let people find out about you and hear your music. It lets them access recordings with their own set-up, so that they can enjoy impeccable sound delivery quality whether they listen with headphones or through speakers. Platforms like Tumblr or WordPress are free, so setting up a blog doesn’t have to be expensive (or cost anything at all).

A blog helps you to establish an identity and to build a community around your work or the work of artists you appreciate and want to promote. Regularly posting useful and interesting content, as well as new music, is the best way to keep visitors coming back to your blog, which is supposed to become the destination for anyone interested in your work.


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There are lots of social networking outlets, but the online social landscape is constantly changing. Myspace has struggled to regain its dominance, while Instagram was unheard of just 3 years ago. Vine has become extremely popular in less than a year. A centralised blog, maybe even with a custom URL, lets you respond quickly to these changes without leaving fans wandering the internet, while they try to find where you’ve moved to. Blogging is a great way to make it easy for people to pop on their headphones and check out your latest tunes.

As well as spreading information about new releases and dates and venues for gigs or promotional appearances, a blog can create a sense of involvement by letting fans in on what’s happening behind the scenes. Photos taken backstage or at recording sessions or sound checks let music fans feel part of things that they normally don’t get to see. A blog can promote forthcoming releases by getting demo or acoustic versions or even outtakes playing through people’s headphones and speakers. A blog that gains exposure on a site like Hype Machine is a useful promotional tool for artists and labels.

Blogging is not just a way to drive sales or connect with music fans. It’s also a way to build a network with other performers and industry professionals. Promoters, venue managers, producers, journalists, radio stations, DJs and labels all use blogs to keep track of the scene and to find emerging talent. A popular blog is an invaluable calling card and a great way to demonstrate and build your appeal.