Do Musicians Really Benefit From Streaming Services? #INFOGRAPHIC

TThe music industry has been a booming business for years, but as with anything, problems crop up now and then that make life difficult for artists, fans, and producers, alike. Most recently, the subject of artist payout is garnering some attention.

Music streaming sites seem like an obvious way for musicians to gain exposure and earn compensation for their work. However, things aren’t always as they seem. In some cases, the payout offered is so low that even if a song were to be streamed 1,000 times, an artist would earn roughly $5.

It’s no wonder that many artists are speaking up about the matter. When so much work is put into the development of an album, the compensation should be much higher. Fortunately, there are some sites, such as Arena, that offer a greater return on all the work that artists put forth. Check it out for more information on the streaming industry.


Natalie Mantovani is an aspiring journalist from New Jersey. Music is one of her favorite topics to cover and she loves studying the ups and downs of the industry.