When Band Members Become Zombies… Kill Them

IIf you’ve read the recent news on Dotted Music, you may know about our experiments with merging music and niche mobile games. Flesh Roxon’s Halloween-themed update inside Zombie Road Trip already brought the band over 50,000 new Facebook fans in just two weeks. And today we take the idea of engaging Flesh Roxon’s audience via mobile apps further, by announcing the release of a branded arcade game called Flesh Roxon’s Zombie Rock, currently available for all Android devices.

Developed in partnership with EXM Games (Dotted Music has designed the graphics), it is a deliberately primitive and straightforward arcade shooter, where a player kills zombies by tapping the screen in order to survive. You can pick new weapons, and beer to fix your health (you didn’t expect us to keep banal health kits, did you?)

The three zombie characters inside the game are the members of this Live Nation Finland-signed band, and the gameplay is accompanied by songs from Flesh Roxon’s debut album, Flesh To The Bone. The bandmates don’t mind to be killed virtually, just in case.

You can download the game for free here and watch a demo video below:

Now, tell us… What kind of game would you like to see your band in?