Now Available As A Facebook App, Integrates With Songkick, a service allowing any artist to create a professionally looking EPK in minutes (which we wrote about on Dotted Music before) has integrated with Songkick and released the first authentic EPK app for Facebook Pages.

It’s not a secret that Facebook pages have become almost the default destination for industry professionals in search of information about bands and other creative projects. However, Facebook Pages and apps like Band Profile are not equipped to harbor the media and information that industry professionals typically seek.

Announcing the Songkick integration

Announcing the Songkick integration’s new Facebook application allows anyone to access valuable EPK content without having to leave Facebook. The Facebook application can be installed with one click from a user’s Presskit control panel straight to any Facebook page. Here’s one example of such Facebook app.

The second announcement from today is the integration with concert tracking service Songkick, a development that promises to reduce the time and energy musicians and their teams put into organizing and maintaining their tour dates. When a user enters their Songkick Artist ID, will automatically pull in all of their tour dates and plug them directly into any selected Presskit calendars. Songkick will continuously update a Presskit’s calendar whenever new dates are added, so artists can now focus more energy on furthering their careers.

More details on the Songick integration is available at this blog post.