Pulselocker Relaunches Its Streaming Music Service For DJs As A Web App

PPulselocker, the first streaming and locker service for DJs, today launched a fully featured web based version built atop the HTML5 platform that gives DJs and music fans unlimited on-demand access to a rich catalog of DJ-focused music, and offline playback on popular DJ applications, including Serato Scratch Live and Traktor. Used to be available only for Mac and now cross-platform and redesigned, Pulselocker allows its users to stream and DJ the music for a flat monthly fee.

Widespread adoption of club music has fueled record-setting digital dance album sales and catapulted DJ music into the mainstream. Pulselocker breaks the mold of conventional digital download retailers and streaming providers, by letting users test-drive new and classic tracks from Pulselocker’s library of over 4M songs across dozens of genres on DJ applications before they commit to buying. DJs can simply download music to their computers and play them without the need for an Internet connection.

Key features of Pulselocker’s web-based service include:

  • Pulselocker Sync: Pulselocker Sync is a lightweight app that allows you to download music to your Locker, a secure folder on your computer (akin to Dropbox). Once downloaded, you can play all songs in your Locker offline on Serato Scratch Live and Traktor. With Sync, you can store as many as 1000 tracks on your computer, which can be exchanged and played as often as you like for the life of your subscription.
  • On demand streaming: Listen to over 4M full-length songs from Pulselocker’s DJ-oriented catalog, which features a variety of genres, from electronic music and hip-hop, to jazz, funk, and rare groove.
  • Personalized homepage: Pick your favorite genres and Pulselocker creates a customized homepage of music that is hand-curated to your specific tastes.
  • Cloud-based accessibility: Log in from any machine (PC or Mac) with a browser and Internet connection to retrieve your customized settings, and automatically sync tracks saved in your Locker.
  • Social focus: With a heavy emphasis on social, Pulselocker lets you follow your favorite artists, labels and other users to stay current with the latest content and updates. Additionally, you can follow playlists, share playlists, and share previews of songs on Facebook.
  • Represent yourself: In the coming year, producers and content owners will be able to utilise Pulselocker’s artist and label pages, which will let them update their mixes, upcoming gigs, featured releases and social channels in a centralized location that anyone using Pulselocker can see.

Additionally, Pulselocker has announced a licensing agreement with Merlin, the global independent rights agency. As a result, Pulselocker users will get access to the independent sector’s best labels and artists — Merlin’s members account for the largest set of rights outside of those held by the larger major record companies. This includes repertoire from labels and distributors such as Beggars, K7!, CR2 Records, finetunes, and Red Eye Distribution.

Find out more at pulselocker.com and check out some of the screenshots from the renewed service below: