Electronic Music Is More Than EDM #SAtN

IIn the last couple years, the whole world (and North America in particular) has been introduced to a “new” genre of music – the genre which rapidly became as mainstream as music can be.

EDM isn’t really a single genre though, and it’s not represented only by Skrillex, who took home three Grammys second year in a row. And besides the fact that there are dozens of thousands of amazing producers in all the different “dance” styles out there not being highlighted in media that much, something else, and even bigger, stays hidden from the eyes of mainstream public.

Dot Dot

SAtN 04: Dot Dot

Electronic Music is way more than Dance Music, and it very often doesn’t have much to do with festivals gathering 30K+ ravers, or TV and Radio play and anyhow big income. Is there money in underground, non-mainstream genres of electronic music? How do these artists build a name for themselves, and how the EDM movement affects what they do?

These are the questions I ask in the new Stand Above The Noise subseries, and its first interview is with Artur Śleziak a.k.a. Dot Dot, an ambient techno music producer from Wrocław (Poland). Watch below!

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