Fan Engagement Faculty

AAfter years of working with artists, I’ve learnt what stops them from building big and engaged audiences online. To me, the reason is banal and eye-opening at the same time:

No matter what personality a musician has (talkative / secretive / weird / funny / introvert / extrovert etc.), by default, he or she does a bad job delivering content, and communicating on social media consistently.

It’s not about the abilities. Social media networking comes naturally to only a few artists. For the rest, it’s something that needs to be learnt. And by that, I mean learning to show up consistently, and learning to have fun and enjoy engaging your fans online.

It’s done through practice, and I’ve got a plan on how to help you build such a new habit. Sign up at for my new free “Fan Engagement Faculty” course. Then, starting January 12th, I will be sending you emails with very specific (and simple) assignments, exclusive lessons and worksheets. Three times a week, throughout 30 days.

After one month, your audience will grow, just as its engagement rates.

After signing up, please help me spread the word about this free course – by tweeting a simple message here or here. Thank you!